Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Women on the Web

A few pages reflecting on Women in Youth Ministry that have been around a while in honour of the soon to be active Sophia network:

Scriptural reflection from Youth Specialties.
Women in the early church from the Worldwide Church of God
The Papal letter Mulieris Dignitatem for the Catholic view of Women and vocation.
Committee on Women in Society & in the Church (US confenrence of Catholic Bishops)
A male perspective from Mark Oestreicher.

and while we over in the UK are launching a women's network the Americans are a tiny step ahead and are running a pre-conference in Atlanta called HERSTORY.


marko said...

omg -- i thought we pulled that article from our site a couple years ago! i can't believe it's still there. it's an article that the owners of youth worker journal required our editor to include to "offer balance" to the egaliterian article we wanted to publish (this was back in the day when we provided editorial content for YWJ). the article should NOT be on our site, and is a gross oversight. i expect you will find that link not working (as the content will be gone) within a day or so!

marko said...

here's the article we ran -- by jenny baker -- that precipitated the expectation of that other thing: