Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This is a collaborative work with postings by Christian youth workers (most but not all of them female) from various denominations. It addresses the issues facing women working in a field which, although increasingly peopled quite equally by men and women, remains dominated by men at higher levels. It draws on the wide experience of these youth workers and proposes advice and models of ministry for other women in this field. This is a blog for the most part written by female youth workers and youth ministers from a female perspective. It’s not a specifically feminist blog but as women we can only write from a female perspective. We hope that this blog, drawn from the experience of a large number of women working in the field of youth work and youth ministry, will shed some light on how some of us have dealt with the issues which face the female youth worker or youth minister including gender prejudice, the work/life balance and good models of ministry. Drawn from our own reflections on our ministry then backed up with research from the experience and writings of others, this blog has a practical outlook which is reflected in the inclusion of practical advice at the end of every post.

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