Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Proposed posts

Each chapter consists of two sections. The first explores the subject in terms of experience, theory and proposals of good practice. The second section summarises some practical tips.

Feminist theology and the theology of youth work
  • Feminist theology as women talking about God and the theology of youth work and ministry as communicating with young people about God.
  • Christ in weakness as our model
  • Emotional vs rational?
  • Is youth work shaped by men and a patriarchal structure or part of the feminisation of culture?

One of the Girls: Appropriate work with teenage girls

  • Boundaries
  • Establishing authority
  • Role models
  • Girls group
  • Culture issues
  • Big sister? Mother?
One of the Lads: effective work with teenage boys
  • What can male youth workers and teach us
  • What can female youth workers teach male youth workers
  • Not being a bloke
  • Easier to talk to?
  • 'Feminist' issues such as body image
  • Crushes – including girls’ crushes
  • Liberating young men to be what they are not on the basis of gender
Young, female and single
  • Authority – how it is perceived by older volunteers and young people.
  • Work/life balance with no family
  • Relationships and boundaries especially as someone close in age to the young people.
Changing Role when feeling like a large roll: motherhood and youth work
  • Maternity leave when working for a charity – the related issue of paternity leave?
  • Child care issues in a caring profession
  • Taking your child to youth events as crowd control
  • Work life balance

Help my children are in my youth group!

  • Experience based reflection on
  • Boundaries
  • Discipline
  • Growth/space for yourself and your children
  • Your relationship with their friends
  • Motivation to serve – age of your own children/personal mission?
Guys and Dolls: Using the arts in youth ministry
  • Breaking down gender barriers through dance?
  • Exploding the concepts of women being good at drama and men at sport
Kicking against the stereotypes: Using sports in youth ministry
  • Breaking down gender barriers through sports?
  • Exploding the concepts of women being good at drama and men at sport
Breaking away from the kitchen sink: Women in community youth work
  • Safety
  • Support
  • Debriefs
  • Male female Partnership: Working as a couple in youth work
  • Issues of working as a couple
  • Modelling a relationship to young people
  • Schools work
Woofers and Tweeters: Women as worship leaders
  • Predominance of male worship leaders
  • Alternative worship
  • Feminine worship?
A word from Mars: A man’s perspective on women in youth ministry
  • Experience of working alongside women
  • Lessons learnt from female colleagues
  • Advice to female youth workers


Suse said...

Sounds all very groovy stuff! Definitely something I am going to be keeping my eye on.

Hester said...

sounds really interesting - I will definitely keep on reading!!

Melanie said...

I have been waiting for this for so long!!!! This is an answer to many prayers!